Our Projects aim to grow participation in recreational fishing, enhance the environment fish need to thrive and provide facilities that all anglers, regardless of their ability, can enjoy.

Boat Ramps

Victoria is the only Australian State where you pay to launch your boat; facilities are outdated and the Authorities don't care.
Futurefish Foundation is ramping up (lol) a campaign to fix our boat ramps once and for all ....


Prawn Stocking

Several years ago, Eastern King prawns were successfully stocked into Lake Tyers. The results were fantastic, with record numbers of families travelling to go prawning.
Futurefish is now lobbying Govt to continually stock prawns ....


Barramundi Fishery

Even though Hazelwood Power Station has closed, the Barra are still supplied with warm water from underground; and the fish are thriving. Fisheries have measured some fish nearing the magical metre mark and have reopened the fishery to land based fishing ....


PPB Net Free

Stopping the practice of netting in Port Phillip Bay has been a long term goal at Futurefish Foundation. After successful lobbying in 2014, we achieved bipartisan political support to stop the netting. There are currently still 10 netters operating in PPB ....

Net Free PPB

New Reefs

Futurefish Foundation would like to establish a plan for more artificial reefs and the re-establishment of further shellfish reefs in all parts of Port Phillip Bay, particularly in shallower waters around the bay. A healthy bay like we had in the '50's is achievable ....

Artificial reefs

Fishing Clubs

Fishing clubs are struggling for numbers as there are so many alternatives to fishing; a lot not so healthy! That is why Futurefish successfully lobbied the State Govt to provide Victorian fishing clubs with a $2,000 grant to help promote membership...

Fishing Clubs

Murray Cod

With over one million Murray Cod stocked into Lake Eildon and the fishery thriving, it is now time to start on the next Cod meca. Lakes such as Narracan and Rocklands come to mind when talking the next potential trophy Murray Cod fishery ....

Murray Cod

Devilbend Access

Devilbend Reservoir has been open to restricted land-based fishing for several years now and holds trophy trout as well as estuary perch. Access is important, and that is why Futurefish is lobbying the State Govt to allow boats with electric motors ....

Watersnake 610